China: a country with a culture that is both thousands of years old and young at the same time, and a society that is reinventing itself in a breathtaking tempo.

From Beijing to Hong Kong

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The Audi Q3 Trans China Tour 2011 provides an insight into the world's most populous nation and shows many facets of what Audi calls its "second domestic market." After all, the brand with the four rings has been a successful player in the premium automobile segment here for many years.

The tour has 160 participants driving through the Middle Empire in 16 stages. Organized into four groups, they will cover a total of some 5,700 kilometers (3,540 miles). The route starts in Beijing and runs south, with interim stops in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guilin before ending in the bustling metropolis of Hong Kong.

The participants in the Audi Q3 Trans China Tour 2011 will get to know the bounty and contrasts, the vibrancy and serenity of China - a country between consumerism and Confucianism. They will experience the big cities and traverse rural areas with green bamboo forests and rice paddies.

The perfect companion

The new Audi Q3 is the perfect companion for the Trans China Tour. Its sporty character and outstanding comfort make even longer drives a pleasure. The Q3 is at ease on rough terrain thanks to its off-road qualities, and its compact dimensions allow it to navigate easily through traffic in the urban jungle.

Audi models are a pervasive element of the streetscape in the big cities. The brand with the four rings first established a presence in China in 1988, and has been the unquestioned leader in the premium segment ever since. Very few European companies know China as well as Audi.

China has long since become the second domestic market for Audi, as Chairman of the Board Rupert Stadler puts it. Audi leads the premium segment. The goal is to sell 300,000 vehicles by the end of the year, which would make China the company's largest sales market worldwide.

Audi has also developed a potent strategy for extending its lead even further. The brand is bringing its most advanced technologies to China and is hard at work to expand its sales network. China, the world's largest automotive market, is a strong pillar in Audi's global growth strategy.